Title Description Events  
Able Linguist Day None 0 Details
Accelerate! None 0 Details
Access to Southampton (A2S) None 0 Details
ACoRNS None 1 Details
Archeology Village None 0 Details
Ask The Expert None 2 Details
Association for Science Education Subject association for science association. Southern region committee h... 3 Details
Astrodome None 0 Details
Beating Infections without Jargon (Elevator Pitch Training) A workshop designed to improve the ability of researches to communicate ... 4 Details
BioBlitz None 1 Details
Biomedical Electronic Engineering Summer School The Biomedical Electronic Engineering Taster Course lets you experience ... 0 Details
Blastwave-Blocking Bubbles A large tank with a speaker and a bubble generator. Clouds of bubbles ca... 2 Details
Bright Club None 12 Details
Brilliant Club None 7 Details
CRUK Public Engagement 2 Details
Design Show Opportunity for small groups (~8) to visit, witness the opening of the s... 1 Details
Design Triathlon None 1 Details
Developing Winchester None 0 Details
Discover Oceanography None 0 Details
Dragonfly Day None 3 Details
EDT Headstart None 1 Details
EDT Headstart (Oceanography and Marine Biology) The University of Southampton’s School of Ocean and Earth Science will h... 0 Details
EDT Inspire None 0 Details
EDT Routes into STEM None 0 Details
Electronic and Computer Science Summer School If you love maths, technology or science, this course will enable you to... 0 Details
Festival of Archeology None 0 Details
From the Pythagorean Theorem to $1,000,000 1 Details
Frozen Aliens & Superpowers Talks and interactive demonstrations on cryogenics and superconductivity... 6 Details
Gene Tech Hub Bring your A level class to one of our gene technology days, developed i... 0 Details
Generating Genius None 0 Details
Into University None 0 Details
Learn with US - Books and Stories Books & Stories is a reading scheme for 9-12 year olds (pupils in Years ... 0 Details
Learn with US - Cantell Transition 0 Details
Learn with US - Careers Fair 17 Details
Learn with US - Engineering Taster Day A carousel of engineering activities for Year 12 students. 0 Details
Learn with US - Explore with US Conference Students are given the opportunity to explore one particular theme from ... 0 Details
Learn with US - Faculty Showcase Events Arts and Humanities - November Engineering and Physical Sciences- Nove... 0 Details
Learn with US - Health Sciences Taster Day 0 Details
Learn with US - Higher Education Fair 3 Details
Learn with US - Medicine Taster Day 0 Details
Learn with US - Parents Evening 0 Details
Learn with US - Pre 16 - Off Campus 0 Details
Learn with US - Research Days 0 Details
Learn with US - Shapes and Numbers Shapes & Numbers is a maths scheme for 9-12 year olds (pupils in Years 5... 0 Details
Learn with US - Transition Days 0 Details
Learn with US - Writing Wrongs Project For Year 12 students to produce a piece of their own writing on a chosen... 0 Details
Learn with US - Year 10 Challenge 0 Details
Learn with US - Year 10 Stock Market Challenge 3 Details
Learn with US - Year 11 Visit 0 Details
Learn with US - Year 6 Visit 0 Details
Learn with US - Year 7 Visit 0 Details
Learn with US - Year 8 Taster day 0 Details
Learn with US - Year 9 masterclass 0 Details
LifeLab (A level) Programme for A level students 7 Details
LifeLab (Activity Day) Hands-on practical day visit for school students to understand the scien... 11 Details
LifeLab (Big Bang) Attendance at Big Bang events - career events for secondary school students 2 Details
LifeLab (EACHB Game Jam) Working with Game Designers from Glasgow Caledonian University, students... 6 Details
LifeLab (Hospital Open Day) running activities as part of the hospital open day 2 Details
LifeLab (MAYDAY) engagement activity for Winchester Science Centre for their MAYDAY bank ... 1 Details
LifeLab (Medics Summer School) None 2 Details
LifeLab (Meet the Scientist Training) Science Communication training for researchers who want to participate i... 4 Details
LifeLab (Meet the Scientist) None 96 Details
LifeLab (Parent-Pupil Activity Day) School students attend LifeLab and following a session for themselves, t... 1 Details
LifeLab (Teacher Professional Development Day) Teacher PD to explain and engage the teachers with the research foundati... 2 Details
LifeLab (UHSFT Healthcare Careers events) support at UHSFT healthcare career event to support careers events for s... 1 Details
LifeLab (Winchester Cathedral - Science Festival) activity for primary school students delivered at Winchester Cathedral 2 Details
LifeLab (Work Experience) Students who have attended LifeLab, who are LifeLab ambassadors and who ... 4 Details
LifeLab (Young Health Champions training) training for young people to become health champions and peer mentors in... 1 Details
LifeLab - Bone Research Society International Conference Public Engageme... Attendees to the international BSR conference 2018 (which was held at Wi... 1 Details
LifeLab Activity Day one of days for schools 1 Details
LifeLab Annual Showcase Celebration of the interaction with LifeLab by schools, students, teache... 1 Details
Lifelong Learning None 0 Details
Light Express None 1 Details
Lightwaves None 0 Details
Maths Challenge None 0 Details
MSLC/Action research programmes Leading and facilitating action research programmes in education with te... 5 Details
MSLC/CLEAPSS Technician Training Professional development opportunities for school and college technician... 19 Details
MSLC/Computing At School The Computing at School Regional Centre South East (CAS South East) is a... 9 Details
MSLC/Science Learning Network The Mathematics and Science Learning Centre, University of Southampton c... 29 Details
MSLC/Short Courses Independently developed or bespoke courses and events, across all phases... 20 Details
MSLC/Stimulating Physics Network The Mathematics and Science Learning Centre (MSLC) coordinates the Stimu... 4 Details
MSLC/Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) is designed for non-specialis... 5 Details
MSLC/Thinking, Talking, Doing Science A CPD project working with working with Science Oxford and Oxford Brooke... 3 Details
Murder in the Medical School None 0 Details
National Cipher Challenge None 0 Details
New Forest Show Stand in Wessex Medical Research Tent presenting "The Leaky Gut Game". 0 Details
Philosophers' Café None 0 Details
Pint of Science None 1 Details
Planeterella None 0 Details
Primary Engineer None 2 Details
Researchers' Café None 0 Details
RoboGals None 0 Details
Science All Around Us None 0 Details
Secondary Engineer None 2 Details
SETI Cipher Challenge None 0 Details
Simple Mathematical Questions I Don't Yet Understand 1 Details
Smallpeice Biomedical Engineering Summer school 1. Background Introduction and Context The Smallpeice Trust was foun... 0 Details
South Wiltshire UTC University of Southampton sponsors the South Wiltshire UTC at Salisbury.... 3 Details
Southern Universities Network - University of Southampton The Southern Universities Network (SUN) is a collaborative partnership c... 0 Details
Spectroscopy in a Suitcase Spectroscopy in a Suitcase gives school students the chance to learn abo... 0 Details
STEM Badge Day None 2 Details
TEDx Talk None 0 Details
Test Activity Test of the new demonstration user account - can they create a new activ... 1 Details
The Most Dangerous Game in the World Exhibit developed by University of Southampton researchers and the Winch... 1 Details
The Science Room None 1 Details
Thymios Training in coding 1 Details
Twilight Sessions (Biological Sciences) None 0 Details
Twilight Sessions (Chemistry) None 0 Details
UltraCache Ultrasonic Geocaching. 2 Details
University Roadshow None 1 Details
Why I Love Mathematics 1 Details
Widening Access to Medicine (BM6) The Widening Access to Medicine Residential (BM6) will include the follo... 1 Details
WISH Lab Public Engagement 1 Details
Work Experience programme for Yr12 students Structured work experience programme for Year 12 students. Programme dev... 6 Details
Work Shadowing Day (Biological Sciences) None 0 Details
Work Shadowing Day (Chemistry) None 0 Details